Thursday, January 22, 2015

SALT: THE GREAT MARCH- Opening & Installation shots at Azad Bhavan gallery, Indian Council of Cultural Relations,ICCR, New Delhi

Opening day reception :January 16, 2015
Chief Guest :Director General ICCR :Mr satish Mehta
guest of honour: Deputy Director General: ICCR: Mr Asthana 

lamp lighting
Being felicitated by ICCR :Mr Asthana(Deputy director general ICCR) hands me a bouquets of flowers

A walk with the Chief Guest Mr Asthana (Deputy  Director General of ICCR)of the evening
In 1930, a few cotton fragments were retrieved from Al Fustat - harbor of Old Cairo ,dating from the 11th to the 14th century AD. These fragments are the earliest known printed textiles. The simple patterns printed with small sized blocks, resist dyed in indigo and madder, bear a striking similarity to ajrak.This particular design in the image has resemblance to the fragments retrieved from Cairo and is known as 'Gurda kaleji 'in local language of ajrakh craftsmen .I recreated an artwork using this block in my 'Salt March' series