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Conference papers at ATWS International conference at Chennai and Forum for Contempoaray Theory Mysore December 2013

Shelly Jyoti   Newsletter
 November 16, 2013
November 16 until January 2014
These  exhibits will be presented by Gandhi Memorial Centre in co-operation with Embassy of india with support of indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR)

INDIGO project is a  two women show in collabration chicago based artist laura kina who presents INDIGO: Deveon Avenue series.The works were previewed in vadoadra,Gujarat (2009), exhibited in New Delhi (2010) , Mumbai (2010)and travelled across the continent to Seattle (2011), Miami (2011), Chicago(2013) and now re opening in  Washington DC (2013-14)

Indigo Narratives : An Ode to Neel Darpan  2009-13

These works are inspired by the play Neel Darpan (1860) written by Deen Bandhu Mitra on the plight of indigo farmers. The indigo revolt 1858 of Neel bidraho in Bengal was a mass movement in the history of Bengal. The play portrayed exploitation by the brutal planters in early 19th century. Later, in 1914, the region of chamaparan in northern India revolted against similar conditions of indigo cultivation. Mahatma Gandhi intervened and non-violently fought for the indigo farmers. Inspiring action, the champaran movement became known as Gandhi’s first non- violent movement in India’s freedom struggle in 1917-18.
The tapestry is a tribute to the indigo farmers of the Champarn region, a site specific installation which offers 25 different contemporary indigo prints that map the story of the tragic riots of Champaran and reference the sorrowful tale within each circle. There are 300 discs in this particular installation. Each one tethered and stitched in time, suggesting the hundreds of years of subjugation.
The visual crescendo of indigo block prints using the traditional method of resist dyeing hopes to strengthen awareness and promote dialogue of past and present day’s plight of farmers.

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